an abstract in a square

she painted a colorless rainbow upon her lips, bitter sweet, tastes like a musty sugar.

“oh, this is how i look everytime i smile” said a girl to a mirror.

“disgusting” the mirror mumbled quietly

“i heard that, bollocks. thats why i never smile”

“no, its disgusting because you buried yourself in that Guerlaine

“i dont get it, even a mirror could be a gip” she jabbered.



breathe, feel.

“dark, too dark”

the pain is real, too real for her

hard to hold, but its the only rope to keep her sane.

breathe, feel.

“she is mad, i’m afraid”

she got to bury the hetchet, before she bury herself.

its okay, at least she’s alive.

she looks fine, i guess.