They had the same kind of dynamites backthen,

She held hers,tight

And so did he, but not for long till he blazed his fuze

“None of your fault” she said, “i let you sit beside me backthen”.

“Sorry, you will be okay” he left her with schorches fulfill her body

“I will” she said, quietly.



“Promise me” he said, “you will not fall in love with the wrong person, again”

“I promise” she replied.

He seem so wrath, he never talked to her after the day she slighted the promise.

She loved him.


I’m a real firefighter now

I trapped in another burning shack

But this time the fire firmly fervent

It swallows me,

Then preying me.

But Im sedated,

I feel snug instead of dying,

I rime and watch the color of its fire,

Instead of looking for an escape.

This pair of sphericals?

Absolutely the w(h)a(o)r(t)m one,

Yet the most dangerous one.